Dani is, RYT500, E-RYT200, YACEP is a San Diego local and yoga instructor for over 10yrs. Her deep connection to her practice and love for learning keep her teaching yoga part time because she simply loves people, movement, breath and sound therapy, and facilitating the healing art of yoga.  Dani was a record-setting swimmer at Pepperdine University and has coached swimming at each of the club, high school, masters, and collegiate levels since 13yrs. Dani suffered a broken spine in several automobile accidents at the age of 21 and it was then that she found yoga for healing and spine-recovery. This was not in her life plan, and she had to learn to adapt, persevere, heal, and grow from her painful experiences. The gift of chronic pain keeps her in tune with her students and is a humble reminder that we always have work to do. Her passion is to help teach others to rise above resistance by tuning into their bodies, minds, and spirits, by emphasizing yoga, breathwork, and mindset. She encourages Stability, Strength, and then Flexibility. Dani’s yoga classes  offer space for you to unwind, heal, and transform from the inside out. Her expertise and personality encourages her students while safely pushing them to their edge, a common “yin” yoga theme. Dani is also the a passionate owner of Ready Set Flow, a flow integration coaching serving for  personal swim coaching, yoga instruction, breathwork, and energy therapy, and Work Flow Yoga, an educational wellness company that brings yoga to corporate business who invest in their employee’s wellness. This military daughter, athlete, and teacher is ready to serve and help you with your mind-body transformation. Ready, Set, Flow.