Born and raised in Argentina, I started practicing yoga as a child, thanks to my grandmother, my first yoga teacher, who wisely guided my hunger for knowledge and engaged my time and energy in a way that inspired me to help others.

When I turned 19, I traveled to India and trained in the philosophy of yoga, learning different styles of yoga, understanding the traditional and modern sides of this practice. 

I was a monk for more than 3 years, giving yoga and leadership seminars in different universities, tv shows, radio stations in different countries of the World .

When life is self-centered it is not so great, but when we do something meaningful for someone else, life becomes special and amazing. That is my goal, to be part of your journey to find your best self. 

I teach Hatha, Vinyasa, Gentle, Power, Hot and Dhyana yoga.

Join my classes and let’s work together to find and improve our best version, through an intense and at the same time relaxing class, ending with live music and mantra meditation relieving us from stress and mental fatigue.